Triple Ho


It’s coming close to midnight on Boxing Day, so I guess that it’s safe to assume that Christmas is done for another year. I have to say, I’m a little bit glad. It’s been a rough one this year. 

But I’m a lucky bugger because there have been some fantastic moments to make up for the general heartbreak…


Like when my beloved and I kicked butt with our SingStar contributions.

And when my sister and I had a sleepover in the lounge room.

And when I made an angel and drew pubic hair on it.

The pre-Christmas dinner of amazing and epic proportions with my very dear friend The Cuppy Lady.

The hilarity of my sister attempting to pay for lunch with her Medicare card.

Opening a sack of Santa presents even though I am 35.

Watching Scouty get genuinely excited about her present, even before it was open.

My beloved’s son not being seriously injured in a pretty damn impressive skateboarding accident.

The open door of friends and extended family.

The 210 days that have passed since my last cigarette. Being smoke-free at Christmas was a challenge set forth by my Dad, and a challenge that I met.

Watching DVDs and munching on cheese with my beloved and her daughter, in our jarmies.

The awesome moment when my beloved opens her presents and realises that I really have been listening to her for the past twelve months.

And finally, Christmas Carols. I love them. Not sure if this is because of my fondness for words, or because of my churchy background, but carols just stop me in my tracks and send me to a happy place.


There may not be fanfares and funny shit in this Christmas post, but I guess the aim this time was to refocus myself on the good stuff I have around me. Because it is there.

From my beloved, Harry and I: Happy Christmas.




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