I do.


Courtesy of the Christian Democratic Party and their Facebook page.


It’s a comment that I read again and again this afternoon.


For the unindoctrinated, it stands for Praise The Lord.

Nicer than this, from a charming character using the Facebook name of Faith InChrist Saves: “Call it a “partnership given over to reprobate minds”, but don’t call it marriage”.


Here’s another picture.

It makes me smile.


Mrs Woog shared that one with us today. It’s beautiful, isn’t it. How so very happy they look! It makes me just smile.

Until the very moment when I think about how these faces look today.

How would your face look, if you were just told that you were no longer married to the person who held your heart?

That your marriage just isn’t valid anymore?

That in Australia – your country – you cannot assume that you have the right to marry the person you adore.

No wedding. No moment to unite both sides of your family to celebrate your love. No updating of relationship status. No aging together, bound by marriage, holding each other through age and infirmary, weeping when one makes an eternal exit. That you can contribute to your country, you can live here in peace and with the excess that we take for granted – but your love will not be recognised as legally valid.

Do you have any idea what this might feel like? Can you imagine those beautiful faces now?

I have friends who are in support of today’s decision by the High Court. I respect them and their beliefs, just as they do mine. That is what makes us adults, and gives strength to our friendships.

And I hear the argument that says that same sex marriage isn’t the traditional view of marriage – not what marriage is designed for – so, just as our friend Faith suggests, changing the name of the union might be more acceptable. For example, telephones no longer perform the sole function they were designed to perform many years ago, which is why they are no longer called telephones. Except they are. So maybe that argument is a little bit wrong.

Here is what I object to:


Hear the glee? The smugness? The joy stemming from the fact that these unions are to be annulled? That hearts are breaking? That we live in a country that is fast being left behind? Nile’s commitment to hashtagging himself throughout every social network? Himself, and not his Lord? Himself, and not something like #marriageequality?

Wonderful, isn’t it.

At the end of the day I think it is safe to assume that the couples who were wed over the weekend are in no way more or less in love right now. They’ll continue to love each other, after their marriage is annulled. They’ll care for each other, perhaps make a cuppa, sit and ponder what this might mean. Talk to the one they love about better days that might come, realise they have no regrets from the weekend, and then perhaps mow or make dinner or walk the dog.

Who’d want to be a reprobate like that?

I do.


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  1. I’m straight (and married) but I honestly believe that you have the right to marry who you love and whomever you like – governments should have no say in it whatsoever! Having said that; Welcome to Abbott’s Australia where everything’s for sale, and where the rich rob from the poor, the elderly, the marginalized, and of course the environment, but hey, that’s unrestrained capitalism for you – and that’s got to be ‘good for the economy’. Tough shit for the rest of us.


  2. For those who haven’t put roots down, feel free to come over to NZ. Reverse the brain drain, and in return, we offer you our gay marriage laws, and beautiful world heritage areas that we aren’t about to clear fell, or dump dredge in to, and a political system that has produced 5 different mixes of parties ruling in the last 6 elections. Or come for a holiday!


  3. Hey kel. Very sad to hear this decision. However I wanted to let you know that not until I read this post did it really occur to me just how sad it is. It has always infuriated me that people feel their values and beliefs overrule anyone else’s, and that they have the right to deny others of anything let alone equality. However until I saw that picture with those gigantic smiling faces, and until you made me think about how they now feel, I hadn’t really appreciated just how horrible this decision really is. I genuinely hope that in our lifetime we get to see real, positive changes in the way people treat each other, one of those changes being marriage equality. Hopefully people read your post and are forced to feel empathy… To see the situation from another very genuine point of view… maybe it will make them change their mind.


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