Can you help my Loghy-Pops?


Little Miss A, fresh from the oven.

Six months ago, I shared with you the story of the birth of Little Miss A. You might remember it. She was born on the day of the night of a crescent moon, and to this day continues to be the sweetest and most delightful little girl you could ever hope to know.

I remember I once wrote about The Divine Miss L, my little buddy who loves her dolls and Katie Perry and her puppy dogs, and who has a bunch of disabilities, including cerebral palsy. 


The Divine Miss L, fresh from my attempt to feed her yogurt.

I am bloody excited because I am going to visit these chickadees tomorrow. Well, them and their mums. They had the nerve audacity bad idea moved to a different state so that they could have family support. Let’s face it: two little girls, one with some significant disabilities, one mum recovering from a major spinal operation and the other working her butt off to do the best she can (this one is my special buddy) – they’re going to need support. There’s the normal raising of a family but add to the mix stuff like physio and speech therapy and occupational therapy and wheelchairs and wheels and dribble bibs and special prams and nappies for bigger kids and clothes, because crawling toddlers wear holes in their pants really fast.

They’re struggling.

And yep, there are funding bodies that help with some of this stuff. Some of it.

But the problem is, even if they can help with 50% of it, that still leaves a massive shortfall that The Divine Miss L needs.


I like to think I’ve contributed to her creative development.


If you pick one thing – say, vehicle modification, so that getting The Divine Miss L in and out of the van can become more do-able. They’re looking at a maximum of $20000! If – if – they can secure funding for 50% of it, that is still ten grand they need to find.

This isn’t something I’d usually do on the blog.

But today I want to ask if you can help.

If you can help The Divine Miss L.

Her mums are running a fundraiser on My Cause. If you can chip in, please click here. You can find out more about The Divine Miss L, too.

If you’re not in a position to help out at the moment, maybe you could share this blog post around? Someone you know might be able to throw in a few dollars.

Thanks everyone.

Cheers, Miss N Corner xxx




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