If you’ve been living under a rock, here is some news for you: there’s been some pretty shocking bushfires sweeping through the Blue Mountains area, the Hawkesbury and the Hunter. These fires are destroying lives and homes and hopes and habitats. And they are still burning.

There’s been much outrage over the suspicions of arson, particularly given the age of the young people who are the current poster children for dodgy parenting (which I don’t actually agree with – I know plenty of kids who have never felt the need to create mass destruction with fire, regardless of the kind of parenting they received).

There’s been articles and stories about not leaving your choice to leave til the last minute: You MUST leave early, or stay and defend – but only stay and defend IF your home is adequately prepared. Leaving early is your only option if the fires are catastrophic. Leaving early is how you can stay alive.

It’s not cowardice to leave early, it’s not being weak or a wimp. It’s acknowledgement that there are people who are better trained, better equipped and better prepared to face the fires. So let them do their job, and you do your job – stay the fuck alive.

I have made mental lists of stuff I could donate and offer to support the people who have lost everything in the fires, only to head that cash is the best thing to offer. Now, I don’t have a lot of that. But that’s ok – there are others who do.

However, I’ve seen a few bloody brilliant things happening instead.

Like baking slices or biscuits and dropping them in to the rural fire service headquarters in your area. Or sharing posts on social media about the current fire conditions – your share might get to the people who need it. Or donating excess blankets or towels to animal rescue groups (including dog and cat rescue groups).

So, is Miss Naughty Corner going to put her money where her mouth is?


Because it’s pay day, I’ve donated to Hunter Animal Rescue. They care for vulnerable animals, get no funding from the government and rely on donations. I figure that the fires in the Hunter are going to result in some displaced pets and animals who are going to need some loving, so I’ve just donated to them using online banking.

Here is a link to a heap of different resources for you to check out, to find out about getting information in your area regarding fire and bushfire survival.

It’d be awesome if we could work together to help each other at the moment. We’ve got a state in crisis at the moment, and regardless of where the finger of blame points, if your hands are offering help, we’ll get through it easier.


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