The Accidental Submission of a Sexy Time Story.


If you follow this blog on Facebook, you’ll know that I spent the weekend in Sydney. My beloved and I had embarked on an adventure: an adventure that we hoped would be all about winning.

You see, I had recently submitted some writing into a GLBTIQ Creative Writing competition.

I assumed, as one does, that submissions had to be in an erotic vein.

So I got my sexy hat on (which looks remarkably like a panda hat) and got writing:

ImageFriends, I wrote of vulvic swellings and I wrote of quivering breasts. I toned it down and then creatively wove a story around love muffins and twin areolae of bliss and Braille.

Then I got my shit together, and wrote.

Now, I’ve written erotica before, and it has always been well-received. Make of that what you will, however the fact is that I really expected to win. Perhaps I was under an illusion as to the size of my pen, or the number of strokes it took to tickle a keyboard to success, but let me tell you this: There is no disappointment quite that that of the story of erotica that fails to culminate in victory. Have I been receiving false praise all this time? Are my collected thoughts and ideas nothing more than naughty giggles? Surely not!

I decided instead that perhaps the judges were awkwardly aroused by my entry. And really, who could blame them.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I submitted two stories!

Once I realised my mistake, I did indeed submit a second story.

Anyway, due to popular demand, they’re both below. I’ve labeled them clearly, so that you don’t accidentally read the erotic story.

Over 18, consenting readers please! And also remember that these stories are here for your own enjoyment – not for any other purpose.

The erotic story is here.

The non-erotic story is here.


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