Keeping Agile


Agile is a word I tend to associate with a positive health review of an elderly person: “She remains mentally agile and although her diet is largely stewed prunes it’s been quite a while since her bowels were also agile”. Similar to the phrase “had a fall”, being agile is something that seems relevant to old age.

Just as an aside – at what point do you cross the line and go from falling over to having a fall? Is it when you can’t have babies anymore – instead of having a baby, you have a fall? Having a fall is something that happens towards the end of life, and if it is joined with a broken hip, you’re doubly screwed.

Anyway anyway, agility. Important in old people, and my darling Scouty.

My beloved and I took Scout on her first trip to the local agility equipment last week, and my god it was fun. By the end of it, we’d had two panic attacks (one Scouty, one my beloved), two wees (one Scouty, one me), two landings on bottom (both my beloved), and one bottom sniffed many times (me my beloved Scouty).

Due to Scout’s tendency to behave in a particularly human manner, we thought best to demonstrate how to use each piece of equipment before we asked Scouty to follow.

Image   Image  Image 

Scouty being Scouty was able to find an easier way to do these things, or a quicker way, or a way that simply made more sense to her:

Image  Image

Our furbaby really hit her stride when it came to the ramp, however.

This was when the wee happened. It was laughter induced.

I hadn’t laughed so hard in a very long time.

My beloved got the the top of the ramp. Called Scouty up.

Scouty ran up.

My beloved encouraged Scouty to run down.

Scouty ran down, and got completely tangled up in my beloved’s legs:

ImageAnd then, in one smooth and agile motion, my beloved went arse over tit and landed on her beautiful bottom.

ImageThe way Scouty is looking at her is just priceless. I was laughing my head off at this point, the kind of laughter where no noise comes out because it’s so busy coming out of your bladder in the form of wee.

No beloveds or fur babies were harmed in this blog post. Scouty did swipe an old tennis ball, though. And I’m not sure I’ll be able to go back to the park without a continence pad.



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