All in favour?


Tomorrow, we vote.

I used to go to my old primary school to vote, where I was continually amazed by how small all the play equipment was. I would then inspect the cake stand before gazing out over the grounds of the little school I went to, and think back to easier times. Times when the biggest drama I could imagine was Mrs B losing her shit at me for jumping in the puddle at the bottom of a hill, or bully AE telling me that I wouldn’t go anywhere “without a bashing”. For me, primary school was more awesome than negative, though, so going back there to vote was always a nice way to deal with a pretty average task.

Now look. I’m not anti-election, or anti-politics. But I am anti-bullshit. And this election has my bullshit radar working overtime.

Do I believe that Kev will offer me marriage equality? Nope.

Do I think stronger borders should be a vote-scoring tactic? Nope.

Is it too much to ask for a political party that just flat out values living things? Apparently so.

Human equality, animal welfare, and environmental education and conservation. These are the things that matter to me.

Aside from that, everything else is just extra. This is why I like voting below the line. I get to be clearer about my choices and passions.

I just feel to bloody disgruntled about the whole thing tomorrow. Kevin is there because he finally, finally managed to win back the title of PM. It took several shots but hey, the Australian people have spoken, right? If Julia was still in power, I’d vote for her. Not because of her policies.

Because she deserved a decent shot at the job.

Don’t forget that when things were falling apart and Kev was making a total mess of everything, Julia was there as the dust settled, ready to take the wheel. Yes she has a vagina but that doesn’t impact her ability to lead. And she did it. She did it well. She never lost her shit. She had her act together the whole time. She endured bullying and harassment that no male politician would have ever had to deal with.

In short, we should be ashamed with ourselves for allowing the disgusting treatment that Julia was exposed to.

I know how I am going to vote tomorrow.

But I also know what’s really important this election day.

How do you spend election day? Are you passionate? Apathetic?


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